Innovación y una mentalidad operativa fuerte, claves en la transformación digital de Schibsted

2020-11-18. La Vicepresidenta Ejecutiva de Schibsted Media Division, de Noruega, Siv Juvik Tveitnes, ha ofrecido la primera conferencia del Digital Media LATAM 2020 de WAN-IFRA.

A seven-point plan to increase revenue for Indian news publishers

“Over the last 10 years, pre-COVID, the time spent on digital consumption went up by 10 per cent, says Nithin Chandalia, MD and partner, Boston Consulting Group India. “Print and radio have continued to decline in terms of consumption and advertising spend. We see it likely to continue.”

How publishers are building new revenue through innovation

Media companies are increasingly innovating and coming up with new ideas for digital products and services which, in turn, bring in new revenues. In this dialogue, which took place during WAN-IFRA’s recent Digital Media Asia 2020, representatives from three leading media organisations talked about how they have managed to do this during the recent challenging times. The session was moderated by product consultant and former Le Parisien Chief Digital Officer, Ariane Bernard. 

Indian news publishers discuss preparing for a post-COVID era

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest story of their lives for most journalists. Ironically, it also sounded the death knell of several news organisations and rendered their journalists and other staff jobless.

Prepare your newsroom for future health crises

2020-10-30. Scientists are warning that we may be entering a looming age of pandemics. Epidemics may be more frequent, with many viruses coming from animals, and spreading more easily because of global travel.

Lenfest Institute: working with the Philly Inquirer as a ‘tech kitchen’ for COVID innovation and more

2020-10-29. What may be unique about the Lenfest Institute’s relationship with the Inquirer is its business structure – a not-for-profit supporting a for-profit – versus those newsrooms that are now exclusively not-for-profit, or those publishers that are owned by a foundation, and are themselves not-for-profit.

Five Prizes for Innovation Excellence Awarded to Young European Talent in News

2020-10-15. The Stars4Media consortium presented yesterday the projects developed under its European exchange and training initiative for young news media professionals launched last Spring. More than 100 young news media professionals coming from 42 news organisations in 17 countries participated in the one-year long programme. Twenty-one projects were presented yesterday during a conference held in Brussels at Europe’s Media Lab, Fondation EURACTIV. Five teams were awarded for the outstanding quality of their work.

How publishers can remind readers their news brands are essential

COVID-19 opens wide the gate to new digital and mobile audiences and publishers must seize the moment to present their news brands as an essential means of getting information, says Mario García, CEO of García Media.

Skills & innovation for media: discover the Stars4Media Pilot Project

The Stars4Media Pilot Project is supporting innovation in the media sector, through training and cross border cooperation. For its first edition, Stars4Media will support 22 innovative partnerships, bridging 100 media professionals from 17 countries.

Innovation programme for young media talents: first round of participants announced

2020-04-21. Stars4Media has announced the six first projects to participate in its project-driven leadership and training programme for young European media professionals. The one-year programme will support and coach young talents to develop project-based sustainable innovation and encourage cross-border collaboration between European news organisations. The programme is co-funded by the European Union, coordinated by VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), with the support of Fondation EURACTIV, the European Federation of Journalists, and WAN-IFRA.