MediaLab EAFIT: Colombian perspective on media innovation

Media innovation methodologies are often created in well-developed media markets, but do they function equally well in different contexts around the world? We spoke to a Colombian university media lab to find out how it approaches its innovation projects.

HHlab: Innovating new products and business opportunities

The German media lab focuses on innovation at the business model level, seeking and creating products and commercial opportunities that go beyond the conventions of the news industry.

South Asian Digital Media 2016 – Award winners

South Asian Digital Media 2017 – Award winners

South Asian Digital Media 2019 – Award winners

VPRO Medialab: bringing storytelling to new technologies

The Dutch broadcaster’s media innovation lab uses novel technologies to provide engaging narrative experiences, while also informing its audience about the technologies’ possible impact on their everyday lives.

New report: A practical approach to blockchain in publishing

Demystifying blockchain – is that possible? WAN-IFRA just published a new report on the topic, in cooperation with Arcada University in Finland, that doesn’t set out to unravel all the complexities surrounding blockchain, but practically examine how the technology could be applied to news media.

Media Innovation Labs: In search of what media and news can become

Ana Cecília Bisso Nunes researches media innovation labs at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), in Brazil, and University of Beira Interior (UBI), in Portugal. Initial results show different types of media labs within the regions researched, as well as a diversity of projects, which go from digital tools and new narratives to broader journalistic topics, while fostering innovation media culture.

The Annenberg Innovation Lab: ‘Think and Do Tank’ at the University of Southern California (USC)

Headed up by Colin Maclay, they combine nimbleness and network to be innovative both in their local community and on a national scale.

Monday Innovation Lab: Innovating step-by-step, while aiming for Utopia

When you think of innovation labs, you probably imagine a room of people figuring out the next groundbreaking app or tool. Monday Innovation Lab is taking innovation citywide.