We owe to Claude Bellanger what brings us together today

2018-03-17. One man, Claude Bellanger, has had an outstanding influence on the whole history of WAN-IFRA. He is one of the founders of the organisation and assumed the functions of general secretary from its creation in 1948, then of the president from 1962 up to 1978.

The 2016 Global Report on Online Commenting: Executive Summary

2016-10-17. As more high-profile media organizations choose to shut down comment section due to trolls, cost and legal concerns, the World Editors Forum finds that the majority of news organizations it surveyed are still trying and a few are starting to reap the benefits.

Governments Cannot Ignore Soft Censorship

2015-10-29. The release today of three new reports outlining the effects of soft censorship on the media in Hungary, Serbia and Mexico makes for alarming, but altogether unsurprising reading.

Best practices for online comment moderation

2013-06-04. How to best moderate, manage and make use of online comments is one of the key challenges that news organisations are facing today. As Larry Kilman, WAN-IFRA deputy CEO, pointed out in a presentation on the need for moderation at the 20th World Editors Forum, “The news industry’s future is about how citizens engage and participate in their society.”

The 2011 World Young Reader Prizes: About the winners

2011-08-17. WAN-IFRA’s annual World Young Reader Prize competition honors innovative newspapers that have devised the best project or activity to attract young readers. In all, the prizes honored 24 projects all over the world in 2011, with top winners from Brazil, Indonesia, India, Portugal, The Philippines and the United States.