#NoEsHoraDeCallar: World’s Press Condemns Colombian Government’s Sabotage of Inter-American Court Hearing on Journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima

2021-03-19. WAN-IFRA has denounced the Colombian government’s walkout during the first day of a virtual public hearing at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (I/A Court HR) that was due to determine the level of state responsibility for the 2000 abduction, rape, and torture of journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima.

Why is the media so afraid to talk about sexual harassment?

International Women’s Day presents an opportunity for us to think about gender equality and the long and often frustrating march toward societies that are truly equal.

Lakshmi Chaudhry on how upstart Splainer grabs a niche – and subscribers

Lakshmi Chaudhry is the founder of India’s Splainer, which she dubs Newsletter 2.0. She talks to WAN-IFRA about what goes into launching a business in the middle of a pandemic, the employed content strategy and fighting news fatigue.

How the FT’s Next Generation Board aims to build diversity, sustainability and inclusion

The Financial Times is piloting a global and diverse team called the Next Generation Board (NGB), drawn from all areas of business, which aims to provide a fresh perspective on company strategy and develop new ideas to help make the FT a better place to work.

New WAN-IFRA research on sexual harassment in the media workplace in Southeast Asia

2020-12-10. WAN-IFRA Women in News and City, University of London, are entering the second phase of a major research study into sexual harassment in the media workplace. The research will look at the extent of the challenge in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

News UK’s diversity plan: If you have no targets, it’s not important to you

2020-11-24. With a three-pillar diversity strategy, News UK aims to address both representation needs and business aims.

La transformación se acelera con diversidad y pluralidad en las redacciones

2020-11-18. Emily Ramshaw, Co-fundadora y CEO, The 19th, de Texas, y Andiara Petterle, Vicepresidenta de Producto, Desarrollo y Operaciones del Grupo RBS, de Brasil, han compartido sus experiencias en implantación de diversidad de género y transformación en redacciones en la segunda sesión del Digital Media LATAM 2020.

Jordanian Etaf Roudan gets top leadership award from Women in News

2020-11-03. WAN-IFRA Women in News has named Etaf Roudan, director of Radio al-Balad in Jordan as its 2020 WIN Editorial Leadership Award Laureate for the Arab Region. The WIN Editorial Leadership Award is given annually to outstanding editors, one from the Arab Region and one from sub-Saharan Africa, in recognition of excellence in leadership, and an unwavering commitment to equality and press freedom.

WINner’s stories: Winnie Najjuma’s WIN journey

2020.09.30 – While starting out on this journey, I honestly did not know what to expect. When I was sending my application, I only did it because I had promised myself to apply for any opportunity that crossed my way. I had seen friends posting about their WIN journeys on social media and I knew this would be one opportunity that I would most likely not be admitted to. Not that I do not believe in myself but I think I had tried so many times and I had not received any positive response.

WINner’s stories: How WIN re-energized and shaped my journalism career

2020.16.09 – For me, participating in the 2020 Women In News (WIN) Leadership Accelerator programme came as a breakthrough in my professional development and revamping our media organization when my team and I were struggling with the establishment of a new Refugee Media project we had just formed.