Champion Collection – OPHAL

The Champion Collection are free-of-charge downloadable PDFs of resources that include guides, reports and posters in multiple languages. This best practice movement began in 1998 as an international cross-industry platform to collect, structure, share and promote generic best practices as a tool to optimise quality, reliability, economic and environmental performance. The Web Offset Champion Group approach was followed by the PrintCity Alliance, icmPrint and IDEP. These organizations have made their publications available without cost to major industry institutions to broaden their availability, and to stimulate other publishers and content owners to do the same.  

Web Offset Champion Group

Guide 1:Roll to Web ProcessingGBDEFRESITRU
Guide 2:Web Break Prevention & DiagnosisGBDEFRESITRUCH
Guide 3:How to avoid Surprises When Changing Paper GradesGBDEFRESITCH
Guide 4:Productivity MaintenanceGBDEFRESITRUCH
Guide 5:How to get Color Approved Rapidly and Maintain ItGBDEFRESITCHJP
Guide 6:Environment ConsiderationsGBDEFRESIT
Guide 7:Total Process Color ControlGBDEFRESIT
Guide 8:Perfectly Finished Web Print ProductsGBDEFRESIT
Poster 1:‘Roll to web processing’GBDEFRESIT
Poster 2:‘Web break diagnosis’GBDEFRESIT
Poster 3:‘Paper and roll defect and classifications’GBDEFRESIT
Poster 4:‘Inking & dampening system productivity’GBDEFRESIT