Rama Mamuaya

Founder and CEO of DailySocial.id, Indonesia

Rama Mamuaya is the founder and CEO of DailySocial.id, Indonesia’s leading innovation company. Rama has a big passion on digital transformation, startups and an advocate for tech-entrepreneurship. He has spoken on international stages to worldwide audiences about tech policy, innovation, entrepreneurship and digital ecosystem. A passionate technologist, Rama’s first contact with computers was at the age of 7 when his father, a computer engineer, introduced him to programming. Ever since, Rama has made computers, internet and everything digital, as his life’s personal and professional pursuit. In 2008, he founded DailySocial.id which started as his personal tech blog and has now evolved into Indonesia’s leading technology and innovation enabler with clients ranging from Indonesia’ top banks, insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies and even multinationals as well as global corporations. DailySocial.id is based in Jakarta. Rama is currently pursuing his MBA degree, specializing in Corporate Finance, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Quantic School of Business & Technology, in Washington D.C. He holds Bachelor of Science degree in Computer & Information System Management from Tarumanagara University.

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