Jan Dirk Elstermann

Publisher NOZ, mh:n SVZ

Mr. Elstermann has been the publisher of the NOZ since 2014. From 2016 his company has invested in publishing companies sh:z in Flensburg, SVZ in Schwerin and A. Beig in Hamburg-Pinneberg, all located in Northern Germany. He is the publisher of those newspapers as well. The total circulation is about 400.000 both printed and digital of any kind. Previous to that he was the Managing Director of the Family business Meinders & Elstermann, publishing and printing company in Osnabrück. Shortly after his studies he worked as a technical director of a printing company in Iceland. Mr. Elstermann has a degree in media studies and Masters degree in Business and Engineering from Fachhochschule for Medien (previous Druck) in Stuttgart.