Deepit Purkayastha

Co-founder of Inshorts and Public app

Deepit Purkayastha is the Co-founder of Inshorts and Public app. Deepit, a Computer Science and Engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur, started building Inshorts in the final year long with Azhar Iqubal and Anunay Arunav Pandey, Inshorts is India’s highest-rated and #1 short news app, with more than 10 million+ active users. Inshorts became operationally profitable within 5 years of starting and is trusted by over 1000+ brands for award-winning marketing campaigns and content partnerships. After the success of the Inshorts App, the company also launched Public app, a hyperlocal social media with an aim to connect the local communities of Bharat and become the one stop solution for all their local needs.

Currently, Public App is India’s largest platform for hyperlocal content with 50 million+ active users and 2 million+ videos being created every month. Inshorts has raised of from investors including Vy capital, A91 Partners, SIG, Addition, Tiger Global and Tanglin Venture Partners. He is responsible for overseeing Product, Data and Strategy in the company. He has also made it to Forbes Asia ’30 Under 30′- Media, Marketing and Advertising list for 2018 and Forbes India ’30 Under 30’’ list for 2016.

Innovation is the core of our DNA at Inshorts. Both Inshorts and Public apps were ideated and built to address significant gaps in quality and relevance in the Indian digital information delivery market. While both products were built for India, we believe they are globally scalable use cases with significant international appeal. Inshorts as a company is at an inflection point where our next stage of growth will be much faster and steeper while maintaining our robust profitability profile.