Analí Díaz Infante Vázquez

President, Asociación de Internet MX, Mexico

She has a degree in Communication Sciences with a major in Marketing and Advertising. In 2005 she began her career in the digital industry.

In 2012 she became a Founding Partner of Diggitalera Marketing with the aim of serving a market of companies in need of
market of companies with a need to invest in electronic media and consolidate a digital strategy that would allow them to publicize their offerings.

Teacher in several universities, teaching subjects such as: Media Strategy, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Media Planning, among others. She is part of the sixth generation of Mexican entrepreneurs “Victoria 147” with whom she has taught training courses to SMEs and with whom she has been a panelist and speaker in various editions of the week of the entrepreneur.

At the beginning of 2017 she was elected to be part of the board of directors of IAB Mexico, she has also participated as a jury member of the IAB MIXX Awards, Monsters of Marketing, Effies, AMAPRO awards and AMCO 2022 awards.

She has participated as a speaker in important events, conferences and forums on Digital Marketing and entrepreneurship. She was vice-president of the marketing and advertising committee at Asociación de Internet MX, coordinated the liaison table with Medical Associations at Asociación Healthtech Mexico and has collaborated in the group “Asociación de Internet MX”.
Mexico and has collaborated in the inter-association group. She has worked on the regulation of the “Law for Transparency, Prevention and Fight against Undue Practices in Advertising Contracting” and in the preparation of the “White Book for Content Creators”.

She is currently president of the Association of Internet MX and during her mandate she signed with the Chamber of Deputies and Senators the “National Pact for the Cybersecurity of Children and Adolescents” and has strongly promoted gender equity in the digital ecosystem.

She is currently recognized as one of the female opinion leaders in the digital and technology industry in our country.