Ard Boer

Senior Product Owner, Mediahuis Noord

Ard is Senior Product Owner at Mediahuis Noord with over 15 years experience in media. He started out as a concept developer in music industry when it was about to go under due to piracy and lack of physical sales. A decade later music industry is thriving due to the succes of paid streaming services. He developed things like a hitprediction tool with AI technology, social media charts and radio broadcast monitoring based on fingerprint recognition.

Since a few years he is working in the newspaper business. There are a lot of similiarities between printed media and the music industry of a decade ago. In this enviroment Ard is looking for new ways to produce, distribute and monetize content where in all these years people are actually consuming more of instead of less.

Ard focusses on using new technologies such as AI to improve the impact of Mediahuis Noord on their readership. Journalists should do the complicated work, AI can take care of the more easy stuff like football matchreporting. By using crowdsourced content like images, goalscorer information and coach quotes these articles can turn out to be very engaging while being very cost-efficient to generate.