Benoît Moreau

General Manager and Consultant, Ecograf

Founder of the Ecograf consultancy. A specialist in carbon footprint evaluation of printed matter, he is implementing ClimateCalc in Europe and develops tools to allow print buyers to assess the carbon footprint of their printed matter. Benoit is also the European referral agent to support printers in implementing Imprim’Vert (green printer) programme and brand (world’s largest with 2500 printers in 10 countries). He manages multi-sites FSC/PEFC joint certification (60 companies) and is active in projects to improve the environmental performance of printing (mineral oil free inks, non-plastic magazine wrappers, et al).  magazine plastic wrappers…). Previously, Environmental Manager for the French printers’ federation (UNIIC) 1998-2013, he holds masters degrees in geosciences from l’Institut Français du Pétrole, and in International Affairs from the Sorbonne.