Coralie Vrancken

Director Revenue Management and Digital Operations, Rossel Advertising, Belgium

Digital professional with +8 years experience in the media and advertising industries. Board member of Rossel Advertising (Groupe Rossel), former board member of Le Soir. Throughout my career, I have developed a strong capacity to make things happen by managing programs and projects on strict timelines and budgets with cross-functional teams, numerous business units, stakeholders (from operational teams to C-Level) and external partners involved, always driven by a final user-centric vision. While growing my marketing and product development skills and mindset, I have also developed a strong technical sensitivity as well as a passion for ergonomics and graphic design for media products. Being very curious, adaptative, demanding, rigorous and persistent, I thrive only within environments full of learning opportunities, facing complex digital transformation’s challenges impacting people, way of working, clients, processes, business models and technologies.