Danyelle White

Senior Director of Audience, The Salt Lake Tribune, USA

Danyelle is the Senior Director for Audience at The Salt Lake Tribune where she focuses on audience growth and retention strategies across all Salt Lake Tribune touch points, including the website, email, the app, social, podcasts and more, as well as building loyal audiences that convert to subscribers while expanding The Tribune’s reach with newer visitors.

She is responsible for leading growth in paid digital subscribers and works to convert digital engagement to revenue growth. Danyelle leads the audience growth team and the marketing/branding strategy that supports it, in addition to the news events, user experience, product and analytics teams.

She also partners closely with the Editor in Chief to manage the stream of communication between the newsroom and audience, informing the newsroom on distribution best practices to ensure their content has the widest reach possible, while maintaining the journalistic integrity of The Salt Lake Tribune.

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