David Ni

CEO, TianYen Co. Ltd., Taiwan

With expertise spanning technology, law, and new media technology, this entrepreneur is not afraid to seek new challenges for possibilities at the intersection of technology and art. He has a rich and comprehensive experience, including in new media technology and touch interaction, and have obtained multiple patents in touch technology, mixed reality projection, and 5G interactive technology. In 2014, he founded TianYen Inc., focusing on the development of projection mapping interaction and mixed reality interactive experience applications. His team is adept at combining light art with digital interaction, blending art and technology, designing and developing various digital interactive new media applications, mixed reality applications, and various cutting-edge human-computer interaction technologies.

About TianYen Inc.:
As a new media technology company developing for nearly a decade, TianYen Inc. specializes in Mixed-Reality Projection Mapping technology and Interactive Application design.

They are committed to introducing immersive user experience into a variety of scenarios, to create “Mixed-Reality Metaverse” applications and business models.