Emanuel Jonas

Senior Consultant Digital Advertising Technology, nxt statista, Germany

Emanuel Jonas advises media companies on challenges in the field of digital advertising for the management consultancy nxt statista. Nxt statista leverages synergies with Statista, a leading market and consumer data provider. His focus is on Ad Tech, Data strategy, Privacy and Brand Safety. Prior to his role at nxt statista he was a consultant on programmatic advertising at the German digital sales house Ad Alliance. He built up and developed partnerships for the digital marketer of the German publishing house Grüner & Jahr to optimize the portfolio’s yield. He worked closely with major German publishers such as N-TV, Spiegel and Stern. He started his career in the digital department of the newspaper group Schleswig-Holsteiner Zeitungsverlag (SHZ) and helped to build digital businesses. Emanuel holds a master’s degree in business administration.