Joel Persson

Research Associate and PhD candidate at the Chair of Technology Marketing, ETH Zurich

Joel Persson is a research associate and PhD candidate at the Chair of Technology Marketing, ETH Zurich. He received dual masters and bachelors degrees in Statistics and Business & Economics from Lund University, Sweden.

His research interests are causal inference and statistical machine learning with marketing, operations, and economics applications. I am particularly interested in the use of algorithms and digital technologies and the implications this has for the efficiency, fairness, and explainability of data-​driven decision-making. My research has explored these topics for targeting, personalization, and policy interventions in online platforms and marketplaces, digital marketing, and public health.

Joel is part of Algorithm Audit, a non-profit organization that builds and shares knowledge about ethical AI. I contribute to our software tools and policy reports. Previously, I interned as Machine Learning Scientist at and consulted as a data scientist for the market intelligence company GfK. I have also held analytical and operational roles at leading companies in digital advertising and educational technology in Scandinavia.