John Crowley

Digital editor, trainer and journalist. Director, Headlines Network, United Kingdom

John Crowley is an editor, trainer and consultant with 25 years of journalistic experience managing newsrooms and budgets across a variety of titles. After taking on digital and leadership roles for The Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and The Irish Post, he now writes across subjects including technology, business, newsroom management, sustainability, mental health and wellbeing. John has a strong track record in digital innovation and audience insights, reacting to the varied ways people now consume news. In his consultancy role, he advises companies on the ever-changing digital media landscape and how PRs can pitch journalists.

At the end of 2020, he co-published a report into wellbeing entitled ‘Journalism in the Time of Covid’. As a result he was asked to train journalists in the US and UK. John is a trained mental health first aider with MHFA England. He has co-developed a journalism wellbeing programme for Headlines Network with journalist colleague Hannah Storm in late 2021. They have published a suite of mental health resources for journalists in 2022, working with the charity Mind, and have started a new podcast called Behind the Headlines.