José del Rio

Editor-in-Chief, LA NACION, Argentina

José del Rio has been specialized in business and economic journalism for 23 years. He also holds a degree in Business Administration from Argentine university UBA and in 2010 he completed a postgraduate course in advanced finance at the UCA. He is currently doing a PhD in Business Administration.

Today he is the Editor-in-Chief of Argentine daily newspaer La Nación.

For almost eleven years he was the journalistic director of El Cronista’s magazine group and the newspaper’s deputy director.

He was editor of the newspaper El Cronista between 1999 and 2004, of magazine Negocios, Apertura, Chacra and collaborator of several foreign media.

He was columnist specialized in economy for 10 years in the program “No somos nadie”, which airs from 6 to 9 on FM Metro 95.1 until July this year and currently leads “Un tiempo más” on the same radio.

He was a columnist for El Cronista TV, a program that was awarded as the best journalistic program of 2010 by ATVC. He was also a radio producer of more than 12 economic and television cycles of the TV business news program on the Telefé cable signal.

Since the creation of the signal LN +, he leads the Business Community program and Mesa Chica.

Specialties: Creation and development of editorial products. Media Management and strategic planning. Business Development plans and Management.

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