Kavita Chandran

Journalism Trainer and Content Consultant, Asia

Kavita Chandran is a journalism trainer and news content advisor based in Singapore. A journalist for more than 25 years, she has worked in newsrooms across the United States and Asia, reporting, writing and editing stories. She started her career in New Delhi as a business reporter and moved on to anchor shows for CNBC Asia. She worked as a Breaking News editor with Bloomberg in New York, and then spent 10 years in Reuters’ newsrooms as a Training Editor and Front Page editor.

Kavita is currently a certified journalism trainer with the Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF) and the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN), where she trains journalists across Asia on topics such as climate change, human trafficking, racial injustice and social inclusion. She is also a mentor for young journalists, moderator at news events, and speaker on ‘Solutions Journalism’ as a catalyst for change in the media.