Leo Cheng Shang Li

CEO, Funique VR Studio Co. Ltd., Taiwan

Mr. Leo Cheng Shang Li is an entrepreneur and expert of Culture and Creative Industries, specialized on Creative Economy, Culture Statistics, Culture Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation for Culture and Creative Industries.

Before join Funique VR, Leo was international consultant for UNCTAD Creative Economy Program, co-author of UN Creative Economy Report 2008/2010, and co-founder of UNCTAD Global Database Creative Economy. He was Director of International Market and Culture Technology of Taiwan Creative Content Agency. Leo was Multiple Taiwanese Government Projects Leader, and public speaker for international forums and guest lecturer at universities.

About Funique VR Studio Co. Ltd.:
Funique is a multi-awards winning VR Studio, providing World Highest 8K Resolution for XR content and Live Streaming services. Leveraging years of self-developed 8K Stereo LAB technology, Funique aims to create a “virtual yet real” metaverse experience and realize the “8K Stereoscopic Film Industry Production Technology Platform” to drive media innovation and digital transformation.

In the era of 5G, Funique provides a diverse business model encompassing a 3D 8K resolution immersive content production center, diverse content licensing, metaverse platform construction and management services, cloud-based audiovisual services, streaming and broadcasting technologies, and multi-layer encryption technology services. This aims to create the “8K Stereoscopic Metaverse, High-Quality High-Immersive Interactive Content Media” that connects the world in the new 5G generation.