Louise Story

Author and Former Chief News Strategist and Chief Product & Technology Officer, The Wall Street Journal, USA

Louise Story is a journalist with a passion for great storytelling and incisive reporting that impacts the world, and she is a media leader with a track record of helping news companies grow.

Louise has worn many hats in the media — investigative reporter, masthead editor, technologist, filmmaker, manager of large reporting and video projects, media and audience strategist, radio production, design thinker, product leader, head of innovation projects, builder of large teams and senior editor with responsibility for a large daily news report.  She takes on projects that she feels will move the needle in helping the world have more journalism that matters.

Louise most recently was the Chief News Strategist and Chief Product & Technology Officer at The Wall Street Journal. That job included scope across the full WSJ with a significant operational and strategic mandate. In the newsroom, Louise was one of the top five news editors and she oversaw the news strategy as well as its digital transformation. For the full WSJ (content and commercial), Louise oversaw the product engineering, design and product management teams. As the WSJ’s editor in chief wrote upon Louise’s departure, Louise “played a central role in advancing our digital transformation and broadening the reach and impact of our journalism. She has brought in new skills, capabilities and ways of thinking that have elevated our journalism and greatly improved our product, technology and data experiences for our members. Her work has helped guide our coverage and accelerate our growth in audiences and subscribers over the past three years.”

Prior to this role, Louise spent more than a decade at The New York Times. During that span, she helped lead multimedia and strategy initiatives and worked on ground-breaking projects as an investigative reporter that led to multiple billion-dollar plus financial settlements, government reforms and legal convictions.

Among her strategic role at The Times, she served as executive producer of the Times’ live interactive journalism managing a team that worked with more than 300 reporters to create and program original live video from the field and in studio. In 2015, she worked on a committee studying the Audience of the Times. In 2013-2014, she was a member of the Innovation Committee, which authored the Innovation Report. In 2012, she hosted and helped The Times create a live video news program for its web site. From 2009 until 2012, she produced live radio segments about business topics for “The Takeaway,” a national radio program that was partnered with The Times.