Lyndsey Jones

Strategic advisor and author, United Kingdom

Lyndsey Jones is a digital transformation and change management expert, currently working as a consultant, strategic advisor and coach with media companies across Africa and Europe.

Her experience of leading global transformation projects at the Financial Times inspired her to write the book Going Digital: what it takes for smoother transformations, to be published by Pearson and FT Publishing in March 2022. She is also an international speaker, guest lecturer and business mentor. As a former executive editor at FT, she played a key role in streamlining editorial operations and reshaping the newsroom to shift its main focus from print to digital publishing while adding value to the business by increasing subscriptions.

Lyndsey was the architect of the global “broadcast schedule”, aligning content publication with peak audiences to boost traffic, engagement and subscription revenue. She also devised and implemented a content reduction strategy to allow resources to focus on delivering the FT’s gold standard journalism in digital formats.

In 2019 Lyndsey created the Maisie Hylton Fellowship at the FT to give aspiring journalists from under-represented groups an opportunity to work at the news group.

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