Per Håkon Fasting

SVP Head of advertising and Sales at Schibsted, Norway

Member of the management group in Schibsted news media, Per Håkon is esponsible for advertising sales across all platforms, across all Schibsted companies in Sweden and Norway. Companies like VG, Aftonbladet, Finn, Blocket, Aftenposten, SVD, BT, Fvn, Stavanger Aftenblad and others. Fasting has a long career at Schibsted, including in companies such as Schibsted Interactive and Schibsted Mobile, and has been commercial director at VG for a long time. He founded and developed startup companies at Egmont Interactive in Germany, Schibsted Intercative in Norway, Bokkilden – Norways biggest online bookstore, Schibsted Mobile , Mitt Anbud – market leader/ platform for tenders.  He has been instrumental in a number of M&A activites over its years at Schibsted, including the acquisition of Bladkompaniet, VG`s acquisition of Dine Penger, Schibsteds Mobiles acquisition of SMSas in Denmark, Egmonts acquisition of Barn I Magen,, Art of taste,