Ray Lin

CEO/Founder, Ark Wisdom Co. Ltd., Taiwan

Ray is a top-tier counselor who has straddled the industry, government, and academia. With experience in corporate counseling and innovation in Taiwan and abroad for more than 16 years  Ray is currently targeting the web 3.0 market as the next big thing, specifically the opportunity conversion of physical object into virtual objects in Metaverse.

As the pioneer in Metaverse, Ray is now building a platform to preserve and display 3D+audio guide for priceless items in the world. Starting with museums, Ray is creating an easy 3D Digital Assets Security System to help countries to make everything in 3D and they can share and trade in metaverse.

About Ark Group:
Ark Group had created a new way of display that all the details of the item, antique and treasures can be perfectly revealed as a 3D interactable model, it will be rotatable, zoomable on any personal mobile device. With the exclusive patented MMC technology and Data algorithm system, it takes only 10% of time of traditional way. Sampling without contacting, no laser, collection can be revealed via WebXR and the method of O2O2M, even be shared and traded. It will also lower the cost and raise the resolution as 8K. The details of portraits, treasures, and various products can be revealed, and displayed in 720 degrees via mobile phone and any device. Even more, you will be able to build your own private museum on your mobile phone. It can be applied to stay-at-home economy, action figure collection, virtual actress and things collectible.