Robert Shaw

Head of Sales Latam, United Robots

For over 20 years, Shaw has worked as a reporter and media development expert in the Americas, South Asia and Central Africa. He has covered beats ranging from drug trafficking and organized crime to finance and humanitarian issues across Central/South America and the Caribbean.

Through this work, he has developed a strong belief in the power and value of storytelling and data-driven journalism as the backbone of our industry. He has seen first-hand how innovation thrives in crises, where a mix of empathy and controlled need brings purpose and breeds clarity.

Now at United Robots, he is dedicated to working with news publishers to bring their cutting-edge automated content service and products to the Americas, to work together to find innovative solutions that leverage technology to connect more and better with their users’ needs.

He’s part of an exciting United Robots team based in Sweden, where he can connect his knowledge of media markets in Latin America with a new future that allows news media to serve their readers thousands of new articles in seconds in not just one city or town but all of them across entire countries and regions.

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