Srinivasan Balasubramanian

Managing Director, Vikatan Group

Mr B Srinivasan (Srini) is the Managing Director of the 93 year old Vikatan Group. This third- generation entrepreneur joined his family business when Vikatan Group was print-only Magazine Publisher, in 1990.

Realising the significance of communities, advent of personalization, emergence of TV mediums and the surge of the Internet, Srini spearheaded Vikatan’s diversification through niche magazines, adopted internet publishing in 1997, went pay in 2005 and trending on social media since 2010 . He also entered content production for TV in 1998 and during the last 2 decades produced continuous #1 rated shows in Tamil. Since 2016, the Vikatan Group has created and curated popular event properties and client-led activations.

Today, the Vikatan Group is a diversified Media house with 12 magazine titles in Tamil boasting a combined sale of over 50 million magazines, 1 million books, over 2 billion annual page views from 8 million uniques on the internet, over 2 billion vide views in 2018 and interacting with its 20 million followers on social networks every month.

Having evangelized the digital first approach in content creation, curation and publishing at Vikatan Group, he is reengineering Vikatan’s culture by investing heavily in people, processes and workflows while ensuring that the consumer is kept at the heart of everything that Vikatan stands for, while firmly staying entrenched in Vikatan’s timeless value- systems.

With story- telling skills honed for almost a century, the Ananda Vikatan Group is now obsessed with becoming a full fledged content engine for OTT platforms and emerge as an independent digital media company by 2021.