Wahida Faizi

Journalist, Politiken / Gender Coordinator, IMS, Afghanistan

Wahida Faizi is an Afghan journalist with a bachelor’s degree in political science. She began her media career during 9th grade 2010, working as a radio presenter under the pseudonym ‘Hila Faizi.’ Subsequently, she spent four years as a reporter for Salam Watandar Radio.

From 2016 to 2021, Wahida served as a Gender Coordinator for the Afghan Journalist Safety Committee (AJSC) and received recognition as the best reporter by NAI (SOMA) in 2015, along with a golden medal from the former President of Afghanistan.

Following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, Wahida relocated to Denmark. Currently, she works as a Gender Coordinator for International Media Support (IMS) and is a journalist for the Danish newspaper ‘Politiken.’ In her new role as an exiled journalist, she actively participates in conferences and events advocating for Afghan media and media workers.