03 - 05 May 2023


Print Production workshop - Online

 Program content:


  1. Theory and background about
    • Density,
    • Dot gain,
    • Trap,
    • Print contrast,
    • Hue error and grayness
  2. Formulas and theory of the densitometry parameters meant for print production
  3. ideal  Spectrodensitometers – Settings and standards
  4. Inter-instrument setup and ideal settings in the devices
  5. How to use MS excel for analysis

Color Measurements:

  1. Introduction to color theory and complementary colors
  2. L*a*b* and color space
  3. Spectrophotometer/Densitometer devices
    • Constructions, types, Geometry
    • ideal usage in colour measurements: Settings and standards
    • Important functions in densitometer ( Dot area, Trap, Print contrast, Hue error, Grayness)
  4. Delta E calculation
  5. Status T Vs Status E
  6. How to plot and analyse the 2-d color gamut of your press
  7. Measurement and Analysis of IFRA cuboid
  8. Discussion of the report
  9. Register Measurement Device

  Who can attend:

Excutives, In-charges, managers and  heads from  below functions could attend the training to benefit.

  • Print production – PRESS
  • Quality Control – QC
  • Colour processing and Ad making
  • Plate imaging – CTP
  • Technical functions