24 - 26 May 2022

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May 24 Tuesday


Welcome and opening address

Chairperson, Inquirer Group of Companies

Leading Change: How visionary global publishers are rising to the new challenges in the news industry

Listen to a renown leading global publisher talk about how they have navigated the challenges and are thriving in the new digital age. This will be followed by a panel discussion involving CEOs from top Asian publications.

Media Adviser, Australia
Publisher and CEO, The Globe and Mail, Canada
Chairperson, Inquirer Group of Companies
CEO, KG Media
Managing Director, Publishing, Nine, Australia

Revenue Growth through Syndication: how Factinate is adding more revenue with smarter content and distribution strategies

Decent size site traffic – yes. Ads optimized – yes. Leveraging social media – yes. Newsletter launched – yes. Testing out subscription – yes. Syndicating content – yes, but are you sure you’re maximizing it? Join this session for unique insights from Factinate about syndication and earning through different channels outside their properties. We’re sharing Factinate’s’ exciting journeys from ‘what next’ to success, by utilizing Nordot’s Syndication/Sourcing platform.

Talking points:

  • Why syndication?
  • Syndication best practices
  • How to improve and predict performance
  • What to expect
  • Any negative impact on SEO?
  • Advice to fellow publishers
  • Guidelines for better performing content

(Session Recording)

CEO, Chris Pfaff Tech/Media LLC
Co-Founder & COO, Nordot
Co Founder, Factinate.com
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Deep Dive | Supporting news startups / early-stage news publishers

News startups and early-stage publishers play an important role in the news ecosystem by filling the information gap in their local communities and giving a voice to the underrepresented. Even though different startups have different structure and operating models, the goals they need to achieve are the same – they must all generate revenue, build successful teams and create sustainable organisational processes in order to survive and thrive. This session aims to provide insights on how startups can strengthen their business through design thinking and outline the support available to grow their organisation.

(Session Recording)

Design Lead, Echos Innovation Lab
Founder of BehanBox
APAC News Startups & Programs Lead, Google
Director, South Asia, MDIF
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Evolving Business Models: Ideas for sustainable and independent journalism

With the acceleration of digital content and formats around the world, the news media industry is getting increasingly challenging. The power of the tech media platforms is not making things easier. Business models have been evolving with some media organisations adopting a public funding model to ensure quality and independent journalism that serves the public good is sustainable.  What challenges do these organisations face and how do they stay independent? How do they innovate and prosper in the new digital world and perform their crucial role in society?

Digital transformation, content strategy and innovation consultant, WEF Board Member, UK
Chief Executive, The Conversation
CEO, Australian Associated Press
Managing Editor of English/Malay/Tamil Media, SPH Media Trust

May 25 Wednesday


Digital Advertising: What are the key trends for 2022

Eminent advertising executives in the news publishing world discuss advertising trends for 2022 and beyond. Will 23% growth in digital advertising in the US be repeated? What about new programmatic trends and when will third party data be sunsetted by Google. Are publishers ready?

Associate Director, Innovation Content, TBWA\ Asia
Global Head of Advertising, South China Morning Post
Senior Media Reporter, Adweek
Group Account Director, Digital Media Solutions, Mediacorp Pte Ltd

Juggling two 24/7 jobs: Supporting parents in the news industry

What is the similarity between Parenting and Journalism? Both require you to be on the job for  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The relentless and fast-moving nature of the news industry forces many parents, especially women, to choose between advancing their careers or taking care of their kids.  Being away from the newsroom for an extended period of time can be a major career setback – so many women either don’t take leave, or they have to play catch-up when they do. How can they be supported as they take on both jobs of being parents and journalists?

(Session Recording)

News Lab Lead, APAC Google
Senior Journalist, Australian Broadcasting Corporation & Co-Chair, Women in Media Australia
Senior Commentor and Senior Manager of News Division, Nagoya Station, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
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The Newsroom in 2022 and beyond - Hybrid Newsrooms

In the post-COVID world, the return to office is underway. However, organisations struggling to attract and retain talent, and to address diversity in the newsroom, are now grappling with the demands of their workforce which has come to expect more flexibility and personal autonomy. Although almost 80% of respondents in a Reuters Institute study say they are on board with the shift to hybrid working, many worry that the full implications of the hybrid newsroom have not been fully worked through, with concerns about losses to creativity, communication, and culture. How do news organisations of the future strike a balance between operational requirements and the shift to hybrid work in the context of ongoing challenges around attracting talent and addressing lack of diversity. What are the best practices and techniques required to continue to be both efficient and productive operationally? This session aims to address these issues and more.

Asia Pacific Team Leader, Daybreak Bloomberg News
Global News Director, Agence France-Presse (AFP), France
Deputy Managing Editor, elDiario.es
Head of Leadership Development, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, UK

The Newsroom in 2022 and beyond - AI in the Newsroom

What opportunities are there to introduce AI and automation in the newsroom? How are news organisations using the latest technology to manage their newsrooms – not only as an editorial tool but also to increase reader engagement? What are the challenges and what issues do we have to grapple with? Will it displace journalists, or is it more trouble than it’s worth? How are publishers using smart algorithms to help increase readers’ propensity to subscribe, to surface content, predict churn, manage dynamic paywalls and even create triggers for subscriptions. Did you know that three-quarters of global publishers surveyed in a WAN-IFRA-Schickler study said that AI will be an important part of their success in three years? Hear about this and more in this session.

Transformation & Learning Director, CommonWealth Magazine
Director of Insights & Editor-in-Chief, WAN-IFRA, Germany
Chief Data Scientist, Amedia, Norway
VP and Head of Global News Production, Associated Press, London

May 26 Thursday


Back to the Future: Does Metaverse and NFTs hold something valuable for the news industry and for journalism?

What does the Metaverse and NFTs hold for journalism and the news industry? What opportunities are there for publishers in these new trends? How can they participate and potentially make money? Will the Metaverse change the way people consume content? How will it impact social media? What should news industry leaders start thinking about today? Or, are these fads that will fade away? This session hopes to answer these questions and more. Walk into the Metaverse with us and see how news is consumed in the future.

Shanghai Bureau Chief and China Tech Team Leader, Reuters
Founder, Artifact Labs, Hong Kong
APAC Director of WT Intelligence
Managing Partner, Silver Wings XR
Founder, Silver Wings XR

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