16 September 2021 - 28 October 2021
Asia Pacific and South Asia

Challenge of the Climate Crisis

Temasek Foundation - WAN-IFRA Journalism Programme

The programme aims to help newsrooms meet the challenges of reporting on the climate crisis and other environmental and sustainability related issues. By increasing journalists’ skills, knowledge, and confidence, they will be better prepared to cover all aspects of climate reporting, as defined by the World Bank, including extreme events, health effects, food security, livelihood security, migration, water security, cultural identity and other related risks.

The programme will focus on solutions orientated journalism and making climate challenges and solutions relevant to everyday audiences. Our aim is for you to learn about what has worked best for journalists and news organisations covering the climate crisis in order to prepare you for what might lie ahead.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise and analyse the central challenges journalists and news organisations face covering the climate crisis.
  • Identify a personal toolkit of skills and knowledge they can use to approach/cover the climate crisis and other environmental and science stories in the future.
  • Take a personal reporting project that they have developed back to their organisation


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Jen Teo

Deputy Director, Training & Special Projects



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