21 - 24 November 2023

Workshop: 'Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle'

For Newspaper production and printing plants

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Date: 21, 22, 23 and 24 November
Session Timing:  11.00 am – 12.30 pm IST
Mode of Training : Virtual (Zoom)



  • Concept and importance of carbon footprint and life cycle assessment (LCA) for newspaper production.
  • Statistics and examples of the carbon footprint and LCA in different regions.
  • What is carbon taxing and present regulation on carbon emission.
  • What’s the predicted change in the regulation soon.
  • Steps and tools for conducting a carbon footprint and LCA of newspaper production, like efining the scope, boundaries, and functional unit; collecting data on inputs, outputs, and emissions;
  • What are the key assumptions, uncertainties, limitations , data availability and quality, system boundaries, allocation
  • Methods, impact categories, and normalization and weighting factors.

Case studies :
Case studies of newspaper producers who have successfully implemented carbon footprint and LCA in their operations, such as reducing energy consumption, switching to renewable sources, optimizing raw material use and improving waste management.

Challenges and opportunities:
What are the frequent challenges faced by the case study companies, such as data collection and verification, benchmarking and comparison, continuous improvements.


Please write to prabhu.n@wan-ifra.org for registration.