28 - 30 September 2022

World News Media Congress 2022

World Media Leaders Summit, World Editors Summit, Women in News Summit, Golden Pen of Freedom

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In Telefónica, we believe that it´s people who give meaning to technology and not the other way around

At a time when technology is more present than ever in our lives, we cannot forget that the most important connections are human connections. Because in today’s society, people’s quality of life, mostly depends on that connection.

And this is where we come in. Offering connections that bring people together, rather than isolate them; connections that invite people to be themselves, to express themselves, to share.

Offering connections that bring people together

Our mission puts people at the center of everything we do. We want to be a company that customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society in general can trust.

This mission commits us to protecting people and the planet, as well as ensuring that social corporate responsibility is at the core of everything we do. We aspire to digitize the entire society, leaving no one behind, thus aligning ourselves naturally with the United Nations 2030 Agenda, which highlights the key role of technology, innovation and communications in addressing humanity’s great challenges.

The Google News Initiative is Google’s effort to work with the news industry to help journalism thrive in the digital age. Our efforts focus on three pillars: working with the news industry to evolve their business models and drive sustainable growth, elevating quality journalism and empowering news organizations with new technology.

Within the Google News Initiative, the GNI Digital Growth Programme has been designed with industry experts and news publishers to support small and medium publishers grow their digital publishing business. From free interactive workshops, to in-depth labs in multiple European languages, news publishers can learn more ways to develop their digital presence, grow their audience online and strengthen their revenue strategy.

Piano’s Digital Experience Platform empowers organizations to understand and influence customer behavior. By unifying customer data, analyzing behavior metrics and creating personalized customer journeys, Piano helps brands launch campaigns and products faster, strengthen customer engagement and drive personalization at scale from a single platform. Headquartered in Amsterdam with offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, Piano serves a global client base, including Air France, the BBC, CBS, IBM, Kirin Holdings, Jaguar Land Rover, Nielsen, The Wall Street Journal and more. Piano has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing, most innovative technology companies in the world by World Economic Forum, Inc., Deloitte, American City Business Journals and more. For more information, visit https://piano.io/.


Seedtag is the leader in contextual advertising. Our contextual AI delivers highly engaging solutions integrated within content to power effective communications for brands in a privacy first world.

Sophi.io was developed by The Globe and Mail to help content publishers make important strategic and tactical decisions around their content. It is a suite of AI and ML-powered automation, optimization and prediction tools designed to improve the metrics that matter most to your business, such as subscriber retention and acquisition, engagement, and so on.

  • Sophi Site Automation: An AI system that autonomously curates digital content to find and promote your most valuable articles. Sophi looks at all of your content as it’s published, and all of your traffic, in order to find the hidden gems that your customers value the most.
  • Sophi Dynamic Paywall: A fully dynamic, real-time, personalized paywall engine that analyses both content and user behaviour to determine when to ask a reader for money or an email address, and when to leave them alone.
  • Sophi Content Paywall: Uses complex natural language processing routines to analyze every piece of content and select articles to put behind a paywall. It picks only those articles where the subscription revenue opportunity is many times greater than the advertising revenue forgone.

Viafoura is a digital experience company that helps brands activate their audiences through a suite of engagement and personalization solutions, maximizing conversions of unknown to known users.

We work with brands to build direct relationships with their audiences, creating the foundation for a scalable first-party data strategy while reducing dependency on social media. In fact, our socially immersive tools — including topic and author follows, real-time conversations, an on-site community feed, personalized notifications and alerts — engage, convert and retain visitors right on customer websites.

Viafoura’s industry-leading, AI-powered content moderation solutions are customized to support each customer’s unique community guidelines. As a result, customers can scale and streamline their audience engagement and community-building initiatives while maintaining a civil and brand-safe environment.

Atex Global Media is a leading multi-national software and services company in the publishing industry, able to offer cutting-edge end-to-end solutions for content and advertising. As a global organisation, Atex is committed to helping publishing companies by providing turnkey cloud-based solutions for the optimisation of production processes and for the development of their publishing and commercial strategies. 

Atex supplies some of the largest media groups in Europe and around the world, like Singapore Press Holdings, the GEDI group, JPI Media, Independent News & Media (Ireland), Tindle Newspapers, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Nordbayern and Newsday.

Experts in metadata:
Through our AI-based auto-tagging, we help news organizations create metadata from their content, automatically and in real-time, regardless of language.

Lineup Systems is the world’s leading provider of media sales technology. Lineup’s flagship product, Adpoint, is the preferred advertising system for media groups such as Gannett, News Corp, Singapore Press Holdings, Amedia, Hearst, Torstar and more. Lineup also offers expert configuration and development services, empowering media brands to focus on what’s most important to their bottom lines.  

Adpoint: All-in-one Media Sales Management. Lineup created a new standard for software in the media industry by developing Adpoint, a cloud-based media sales solution that doesn’t require a complex IT infrastructure to deploy and maintain.

Amplio: a ground-breaking revenue management and monetization system that’s ushering in a new era for subscription acquisition and management, built exclusively for publishers who want to optimize their subscription funnels and create richer, more dynamic nurturing loops to grow their recurring revenue and improve ROI from all their available channels.

Norkon’s solutions address the financial and media industry with Pulse, a financial market reporting tool for newspapers that pulls in real-time stock market data and information and Fantasy Funds, an award winning stock market simulation game to grow subscribers, which allows users to build their own portfolio and invest – with fantasy money – based on real stock exchange data. Norkon also powers Live Center, a flexible and intuitive live blogging platform that enables journalists and editors to cover latest news or sports news in real-time, enabling a feature-rich reader experience.
Our solutions are trusted by hundreds of media publishers across the globe. Norkon is based in Oslo, Norway.

Paperview opens a new revenue stream for online Publishers. Paperview empowers Publishers’ building of stronger ties with readers by offering an array of simple and affordable ways to consume protected content. The full array of monetization options includes selling editions, sections, authors, single articles and subscriptions of any kind or duration. The long missing impulse purchases, finally! 

Paperview has no adoption or maintenance costs, and it is available to large newspapers and bloggers alike. Setup is minimal for both. 

Paperview contributes to raise the online publishing global market value, helps fight false information and illegal sharing, helps the free and independent press regain financial viability and helps fight information inequality.

Project Syndicate produces and delivers original, high-quality commentaries to a global audience. Featuring exclusive contributions by prominent political leaders, policymakers, scholars, business leaders, and civic activists from around the world, we provide news media and their readers with cutting-edge analysis and insight, regardless of ability to pay. Our membership includes over 600 media outlets – more than half of which receive our commentaries for free or at subsidized rates – in 156 countries.

Protecmedia is the software company of choice for the media industry since 1979. We offer the most innovative solutions for rich content, news, advertising, media analytics, subscriptions and digital asset management.

Close cooperation with our clients and independent media advisors has led us to be pioneers in the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to simplify processes for the art of news-making.

As long-term members of the WAN-IFRA Association, we highly value our membership as it gives us a broad view of the digital and print media worldwide challenges. Their community offers a perspective of the innovation needed today to ensure the future of the industry.

With offices in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal and Chile, Protecmedia offers a 24/7 multilingual support service worldwide. Our team of consultants, developers, media and content experts keeps improving to better serve our clients pivot with the everchanging market requirements

Smartocto is a smart editorial analytics system that brings actionable data into the newsroom. Our mission is to optimise storytellers’ output and make it more relevant, impactful and profitable. With crystal clear modular big screens, insightful historical reports, and actionable notifications, we give them the power to go from data to action and optimise for online success, whether that’s impact, engagement or conversion. We come from the newsroom ourselves, so our approach to data is different. Instead of pageviews, we show metrics on loyalty, engagement, impact and more, to help connect the dots between online publishers and their audience.

Stibo DX develops content and digital asset management systems for media companies and brand publishers around the world. Since 1979, Stibo DX has been a leading technology partner for some of the world’s biggest media companies, including The New York Times, Gannett, Axel Springer, Times of India, and The Economist. 

Stibo DX is an international company with offices in five countries. Formerly known as CCI Europe, our company has now rebranded to Stibo DX, as have our subsidiaries, Escenic and Digital Collections. 

Over the years, Stibo DX has made significant investments in technology and innovation. The CUE Publishing Platform, Content Hub, and DAM are the latest results of these investments.

Tecnavia is a leading supplier of digital publishing solutions providing an engaging reading experience across multiple devices and platforms for both local independent newspapers and large media companies. We offer a full range of innovative solutions, state of art e-Paper, Native News Apps, CMS & Websites, Paywall, e-Commerce, e-Archives, advertising opportunities and much more. Tecnavia, with over 20 years experience in e-publishing, processes and manages 1800+ publications worldwide and over 8 million pages per year.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations building standards of transparency and working with technology platforms to affirm and amplify journalism’s commitment to transparency, accuracy, inclusion, and fairness so that the public can make informed news choices.

United Robots is the world’s leading Content-as-a-service solution for robot journalism. We’ve created our own, unique automated content platform based on data science, AI and NLG (Natural Language Generation). We deliver thousands of pieces of automated texts, images, graphics, maps, metadata and more to our media clients every single day. We’ve provided some 100 news sites with > 3mi automated texts since we launched in 2015. We work as partners to publishers in Scandinavia, Europe and North America who are using robots as newsroom resources to launch new verticals, drive conversions, provide real-time services, do geo targeting and more.

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