17 - 20 April 2023

Data-driven Product Management

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This masterclass will cover the following:

Day 1: The pre-requisites for successful product management

  1. Product Management in News Organisations
  • The New York Times
  • The BBC
  • Pre-requisites for successful product management
  • Clarity about the role
  • Clear goals – the FT and its North Star Goal Setting
  • Support from senior leadership
  • Portfolio management – defining your product priorities
  • Activity – identify clear goals for your product portfolio. Begin to outline what will and what won’t be in your product portfolio.


Day 2: Identifying user needs

  1. Quantitative data
  • Using your goals to define KPIs
  • Audience segmentation
  • Qualitative data and product management models
  • Design thinking
  • Jobs to be done innovation model
  • The user needs model
  • Activity: Based on your goals and using quantitative data, choose a qualitative model to inform a new product.


Day 3: Testing your product before launch and SMART Goals

  1. Why and how to test your product before launch
  2. Creating SMART goals so that you have a basis for evaluating the success for your product.
  3. Activity: Develop SMART goals for your product


Day 4: Iterate and Knowing when to retire

  1. The iteration process for improving your product
  2. Knowing when to iterate and when to retire a product
  3. Activity: Present your product, your SMART Goals and the schedule for iterating your product

Note: This programme can also be organised as in-house worskhop for your organisation.