25 April 2023

Data Science Day 2023-1

In-person learning and networking experience for data practitioners in the news

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Data Science Day 2023-1

April 25 Tuesday


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ARCOTEL Wimberger Neubaugürtel 34-361070 Vienn


Beyond Quality Read: How GEDi is developing attention metrics to evaluate readers' engagement

Data Analytics Manager | Data Science Lead at Gedi, Italy

Mediahuis' personalization algorithm

Head of Data Science & AI, Mediahuis, Belgium

coffee break


Get-to-Know breakouts


NLP at Amedia

From data collection and training to deployment in the production of several applications: modelling the semantics of newspaper articles, document classification, topic extraction, and modelling reader interests.

Senior Data Scientist at Amedia, Norway

Large Language Models: an overview on evolutions and what to expect

An overview of the evolution of language modelling, how transformers work and why they work so well, as well an overview of what LLMs can do and use cases of how you can use them

Machine Learning Engineer at Google, Germany

Buffet Lunch & Networking


Building a collaborative data culture between data and newsroom

Integrated data analytics application in the editorial system. CNC’s Carl’s app integrates all data into one place, personalized for authors, editors, and editors-in-chief

Senior Digital Content Analyst at CVC (Czech Video Center), Czech Republic

First round of topical breakout roundtables

Participants will join pre-selected roundtable breakouts to discuss and learn from each other’s experiences:

  1. Communicating with the newsroom: dash boarding, real-time restitution of sales and traffic data. Visualization and storytelling for the newsroom.
  2. Defining meaningful and purposeful business KPIs. Which models do you use to forecast subscriptions and revenues strategically?
  3. Natural Language Generation. What kind of ChatGPT use cases do you know in analytics and data, and which use cases do you discuss with other teams, editors or sales?
  4. Subscription, propensity, predicitive models, intelligent use of data for targetted acquisition and churn reduction measures.



Second round of topical breakout roundtables

Our last round of topical roundtable discussions will be based on the day’s discussions. We have the following preliminary themes for you, but we will focus on the topics you may have discussed earlier in the day.

  • Customer target acquisition: Which models and use-cases are currently implemented?
  • Google Analytics, GA4.
  • Topic Modeling: Which use-cases are currently implemented and in use?
  • What is your experience with Marketing Mix Models/Media Mix Models? How do you deal with online vs. offline advertising channels?
  • AutoML: Which methods are used to speed up the optimization process and improve the performance of models?
  • How and where do you consolidate different customer IDs? How is your experience with a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?
  • Align content more strongly with the user and intent using AI (different targeting/playout depending on search intent – tools such as ChatGPT).
  • Ready-made solutions vs in-house-made solutions?
  • ML models for text understanding.
  • ….

Wrap-up of the day


Networking & Drinks