25 April 2023

Data Science Day 2023-1

In-person learning and networking experience for data practitioners in the news

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What members said about their participation in the Data Science Day 2022

“It was interesting to see what other data people do, what initiatives they have, what they struggle with. All in all it was very inspiring” Sascha Schmidt, Head Of Data, Blick-Gruppe, Ringier.

“Perfect mix of attendees. Mingle with them was very interesting!” Lovisa Bergström, Bergström, Dagens Nyheter.

“How do you know what is world-class? Go to events like these to find out!”  Gabriele Kahloout, Head Of Audience Development & Engagement, Al Jazeera.

“Incredible networking, interesting topics and conversations at the round tables” Giacomo Ruffoni, Data Scientist, Gedi Digital.

“Very relaxed atmosphere (i.e. low barrier to get in touch with people) and realising that a lot of media-house share have lot of challenges in common”  Adrian Oesch, Data Scientist, CH Media.

“We shared many insights back to our teams Josef Pokorný, Business Analyst, Czech News Center.

“Inspiring presentations and generous sharing of learnings, KPI strategies and architecture/team set up from all the participants” Eva Wilhelmsson, Data Scientist, Stampen Media.

“Great opportunities to get the latest from data teams at European newspapers and meet the people doing it” Peter Knol, Marketing-intelligence Specialist, Nederlands Dagblad.

“Many inspiring discussions and useful contacts during the event on top of the overall high-level of the presentations” Guillaume Vasse, Group Chief Digital Officer; Le Télégramme.

“Great participants, fantastic networking, insightful sessions” Elisa Agnetti, Head Of Data Strategy, Reporting & Analytics, Gedi Digital.

“Very useful topics, use cases, illustrations, presentations & testimonies” Joanna Blain, Data and Analytics Director, Le Point.

“Even though we come from different surroundings and predispositions, all the major and not-so-major media companies in Europa (and the world) have a lot of the same challenges – and often, the solutions could be the same as well. This is why these meetings are so important!” Jan Stian Vold, Bergens Tidende.

“It’s great to have a forum fully dedicated to data science in publishing. It was very inspiring!”, Jana Stapelbroek, Consultant, nxt statista.