25 April 2023

Data Science Day 2023-1

In-person learning and networking experience for data practitioners in the news

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More speakers to be announced soon.

Bram De Ruyck

Head of Data Science & AI, Mediahuis, Belgium

Bram De Ruyck is working as Head of Data Science in the Data & Insights team of Mediahuis Group. Bram and the Data Science team are working on extracting insights from the millions of data points collected daily and building models that serve the 50+ Mediahuis brands in six different countries. Before joining Mediahuis, Bram was a data strategy consultant serving banking, telco & media clients in Belgium.

Emiliano Guevara

Senior Data Scientist at Amedia, Norway

Emiliano is a senior data scientist at Amedia. He has years of experience at the crossroads between computer science and language, and a formal background in theoretical and computational linguistics His background combines theoretical and computational linguistics, obtained from work at the universities of Oslo and Bologna. His current work focuses on NLP research and development, from data collection and training to deployment in production of several applications: modelling the semantics of newspaper articles, document classification, topic extraction, modelling reader interests, etc. Between 2014 and 2016, Emiliano worked on real-time statistics from newsfeeds, sentiment analysis, document classification and interactive data visualisation. His main development languages right now are Python (Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, ScikitLearn) and Javascript (Angular, D3). He had previously worked with R (statistics), PHP and Perl (hey, I was alive in the 90s!). I also read and maintain Java and C/C++, but have never carried out large projects with them.

Publications can be found at https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=zJXD2ZcAAAAJ

Anant Nawalgaria

Machine Learning Engineer at Google, Germany
Anant is a Staff Machine Learning Specialist Engineer working on internal and external projects across Google and Google Cloud EMEA customers to innovate and address existing problems using ML. He specializes in Computer Vision, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Forecasting, Personalization and cloud computing. He has created numerous Google tech blogs and patents, an official Google course on RL, and research papers in top Machine Learning journals.

Vojtěch Matoušek

Senior Digital Content Analyst at CVC (Czech Video Center), Czech Republic

Vojtěch is a senior Digital Content Analyst at CVC (Czech Video Center)After graduating from Univerzita Karlova sociology Vojtěch worked in BI teams of several media houses. His unique perspective has allowed me to often become a bridge between departments and to stand by the not-quite-ordinary solutions to the challenges these companies faced.

Jacopo Radaelli

Data Analytics Manager | Data Science Lead at Gedi, Italy

Jacopo is an experienced data scientist, who has always been keen on technology, especially related to data and passionate about programming. His career started in consulting, where he mainly used Python as a primary programming language to develop projects with a focus on Big Data and Machine Learning, including company training courses. A key accomplishment during his experience has been to build a Business Unit specialized in delivering Data Science projects. His main mission at Gedi is to lead data acceleration, building an internal data lab to address business challenges leveraging data science. The main scope of projects is related to direct and indirect e-commerce, CRM, precision advertising, customer care and social networks.