Pare back and evolve: how the future of digital storytelling hinges on hassle-free tech

2023-06-14. “We should be choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of” – so says Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo, in an adage that rings almost universally true, no matter what scenario in life it’s applied to. | Sponsored Content

President of Republic of China (Taiwan) to Address World News Media Congress

2023-06-13. Tsai Ing-wen, the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), will address the 74th World News Media Congress in Taiwan on 28th June.

The Economist’s journey to become a digital-first brand

2023-06-12. “The business side of the company will always be focused on the data, but the editorial side doesn’t want to 100 percent go that way,” says Adam Roberts of The Economist. “If we do that, we stop being distinct and can’t charge the prices that we do.”

How Mediahuis used data to increase retention by 14 percent in 3 months

2023-06-07. Like most publishers, Mediahuis, headquartered in Belgium, faces the double challenge of not just converting leads into digital subscribers but more importantly, retaining its current user base.

4 lessons from 4 years as an Impact Editor – and why your newsroom needs one

2023-06-07. “Information is power; let’s really harness that power” – The Bureau’s Miriam Wells goes beyond the metrics to measure the social value of journalism – with resounding impact.

Should every journalist be able to create videos? Le Parisien and NTM share contrasting video strategies

2023-06-01. The French newspaper has built a specialised, 20-strong video department, while the Swedish media company expects every reporter to have the skills to produce video content.

How Germany’s Die Zeit boosted conversions by 8 percent in 2022

2023-05-30. Die Zeit is a weekly German newspaper and among the most successful European publishers that has explored subscriptions as a revenue stream. Here’s how the company experimented with early retention strategies and fostered routines with its audience.

EU4Independent Media launches online self-paced courses for journalists and media managers

2023-05-26. The EU-funded EU4Independent Media project has launched a series of online courses for journalists and media managers. All courses are designed to be self-paced, so you can take them whenever it suits you.

Want new, engaged and young readers? Make them play!

2023-05-26. The gamification of news keeps proving successful for news media websites. Norkon’s Fantasy Funds for example, allowed reputable financial news media to engage up to 24k players, increasing significantly readers and subscribers. Also WAN-IFRA is making its contribution to playing with news, thanks to the project NewsArcade.

New survey finds half of newsrooms use Generative AI tools; only 20% have guidelines in place

2023-05-25. A new WAN-IFRA survey, conducted in collaboration with SCHICKLER Consulting, sets a barometer of where news publishers stand so far on using Generative AI.