26 - 27 April 2023

Digital Media Europe 2023

Building successful digital products & offers

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#DME23 Programme

You need to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and how they apply to real-world use cases, which is why we’re dedicating special sessions at #DME23 to “smart solutions” in daily business. These Tech Track sessions are part of the conference themselves and deep dive into solutions designed to solve some of the key problems of publishing companies.

We’re constantly updating and adding to the tech track programme. Stay tuned!

*The language at #DME23 will be English.



April 26 Wednesday


Welcome coffee and networking

Let’s have coffee! At DME23 we will have a great time, and what better way to kick off the day than with an authentic Austrian coffee. Network with new friends and get to know our partners right from the start.


Conference introduction and peer-to-peer exchange

This year you probably will tackle some of these sticky challenges: get new audiences on board, establish a long-term relationship with them and, if you haven’t already, figure out how to make them subscribe to your services, while also finding alternative ways to grow your company’s digital revenue.

That’s our assumption. Let’s take a moment to discuss additional topics you would like to share with the other attendees.

Deputy Director, Digital Revenue Network, WAN-IFRA, France

Strategies for Sports audiences: Getting fans engaged with your news brands and giving them reasons to stay.

“Being a sports fan is an explicit identification not just with the team but with the place and people the team represents… sports fandom has been a life-long identity and a core part of local culture … Teams and leagues may face a new reality where they need to earn the fandom of new generations” (source Fandom Analytics, December 2022 survey).

We will look at two ambitious editorial strategies aimed at sports fans of all generations. One from the Norwegian group Amedia is subscription-focused, and the other from Relevo of the Vocento group in Spain is celebrating its first anniversary and has a business plan based on advertising.

What are the opportunities and limits for publishers in this expensive and competitive area?

Head of Editorial Analytics, Axel Springer, Germany
Digital Strategy Director, RELEVO, Vocento, Spain
Vice President Sport, Amedia AS, Norway
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Coffee Break


AI technologies for newsrooms: news portal Onet.pl frees up time for value-added journalism

Case study of Onet.pl – the leading news portal in Poland – on how editorial automation driven by AI technologies can help newsrooms: by relieving them of repetitive tasks, increasing their efficiency, helping to increase SEO traffic and finally saving time for high-quality journalism.

Head of IT Services, Ring Publishing, Poland
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Alternative business approaches to young audiences

Before even considering GEN Z and young adults as potential subscribers to publishers’ services, grabbing their attention is first priority. This is not a side project – publishers must have real ambition for this coveted segment. In this session, two cases will demonstrate different strategies: German leading publisher Ippen and the UK’s dynamic LADbible Group. Maybe you can’t replicate their strategies but they will fast-forward your understanding of the “what” and “how”.

We’ve asked the favourite speaker and expert on this topic from DMD22, Danuta Bregula, to moderate this session.

Consultant and former Director of Business Development and Membership Strategy, newonce.media,Poland
Director Platform, Ippen Digital, Germany
Managing Editor, LADbible Group, United Kingdom

Unlocking the full potential of your content and your audiences"

Marfeel is a game changing solution for publishers that helps you build synergies & alignment across teams with data-informed decisions to unlock the full potential of your content, your audiences, your subscribers and your social networks. Top publishers around the world are using Marfeel to attract more visitors and revenue increasing their engagement, subscribers and advertisement performance.

Get your free real-time analytics solution at marfeel.com. Install the one-line script while being respectful of your users’ privacy, GDPR compliant by default.

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Networking and Lunch


How Norway’s leading business newspaper successfully used gamification to build a younger audience

All newspapers are facing the same challenge of growing and engaging their audience, especially younger audiences (anyone under 35). Just as the human brain is wired for stories, we’re also strongly inclined to engage with games. In this session, Norkon and Dagens Naeringsliv – Norway’s largest business newspaper with 300,000+ readership per day and part of NHST Media Group – will share their joint experience of attracting and engaging new audiences leveraging Fantasy Funds stock market gamification.

Head of Target Group at Dagens Naeringsliv
VP of Sales at Norkon
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The case for a video strategy: what your company is willing to invest, and the limits of video

After having failed to reap the expected rewards from their video efforts, many publishers have become less ambitious with their video content. Despite that, publishers are still willing to experiment as there is advertising money on the table and video is a gateway for younger viewers to become more engaged with the news brand’s other content. From short-form videos distributed on social platforms to premium long-form videos or live events for existing and potential subscribers: what might your “year 2023 in video” look like?

Panel Discussion: “Built into your product” or/and “off-platform and vertical”?

Managing Director & Publishing Director, Le Parisien - Aujourd’hui en France (Today in France)
Head of Editorial Development at NTM, Sweden

“Wir sind mehr als du denkst”: Testing new areas with TikTok and sharing insights from their own data analysis (on-stage q&a)

Not so long ago, Tobias Henning was on the publishers’ side of the business, in charge of Bildplus and Weltplus, the digital subscription products of two of Axel Springer Group’s major news brands. At Digital Media Europe, he will share the experiments TikTok has done within the cultural sector (authors, art..), and how he sees the media world from his new position. Anita Zielina will be sure to ask questions about what he would recommend to his former peers when working with the social video platform and what he can tell them about future developments.

General Manager, TikTok Germany & Central Eastern Europe
CEO, Better Leaders Lab, Austria

Retention strategies: the obvious and hidden levers for action

“It may seem counterintuitive, but up to one-third of all active churn happens in the first 24 hours. Whether they’ve signed up to access a single piece of content or find that the paid experience you’re offering isn’t what they’d hoped for, new subscribers are at a high risk of leaving. That makes this a critical time for engagement” (source Piano Subscription Performance Benchmark Report 2022).

Getting off to a good start, very early on

Die Zeit is one of the most successful European publishers when it comes to the number of digital subscribers., Die Zeit’s teams dedicate a lot of experimentation and analytics to learn to efficiently retain those hard-earned customers. “We find that the most important phase, not only for the initial payment after the trial phase but also for lifetime retention, is at the beginning of the relationship with our customers and how we seek to foster routines and commitment in that direction. We also had a very large and successful project that focused on initiatives and efforts on the first day of the subscription,” says Christian Roepke.

Chief Digital Officer, ZEIT Verlagsgruppe, Germany

How one of the Czech Republic's leading video content providers increased consumption of Olympic sports

The Olympic TV Project delivered incremental new media value both for the Olympic Committee and its partners. The project has paved the way for scaling to other countries, for example, for the Paris 2024 Olympics and beyond. This case study showcases how gjirafatech’s solution transformed how Olympic sports are consumed in the Czech Republic and how it helped the leading video content provider increase revenue streams.

We will look at specific numbers validated by WPP Group and discuss its positive implications for the traditional media industry, content monetization, and its relevancy. Furthermore, this Tech Track session highlights how gjirafatech’s video platform transformed a sports media company’s business model, revenue streams, and customer satisfaction. It analyzes gjirafatech’s approach, implementation challenges, and significant impact on viewing experience and revenue generation. Last but not least, we will share how CVC successfully implemented VP Player amidst the transition challenges.

CEO of Czech Video Center & CMI Group Digital Development Director, Czech Republic
Founder & CEO, Gjirafa, Kosovo
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Coffee Break


The Times' content discovery project

The Times and Sunday Times went behind a paywall in 2010 and just passed 400K digital subscribers last year. Now they have two challenges: to keep their subscribers and to improve the visibility of their articles, especially through SEO, in order to attract new audiences. The content discovery project addresses these issues, helping their current subscribers to better find the content they are interested in and, off-platform, making sure that their star journalists, the areas on which they are recognised, are much better ranked.

Product Design Director, The Times, United Kingdom

AI discussion (on stage and with the audience)

The aim of this session is to assess (with the help of the panellists and the audience) the areas within a news organisation that can already benefit from automated features made possible by artificial intelligence. But also what can bring added value to existing organisations or sometimes herald more profound transformations.

Director Platform, Ippen Digital, Germany
Change Director, Mediahuis, Belgium
Head of APA- Medialab, Austria
CEO, Better Leaders Lab, Austria

#DME23 Social Get-Together

Join fellow speakers and participants for drinks & food and continue the conversation!


April 27 Thursday


Learnings from day 1 and introduction to the morning

Editor-in-Chief, The Audiencers, France

Conversion tactics: How the multi-national Mediahuis Group presents the right offer and communication to digital subscription prospects

In these uncertain times, most publishers are facing the double challenge of converting leads into digital subscribers and retaining their current clients. They want to be able to grow the total number of subscriptions. To face these challenges, data is an indispensable asset to target certain segments with the right communications and offers at the right time.

Jessica Bulthé is a business partner in the data team of Mediahuis Group. She will tell us how their data strategy and the implementation of marketing automation are helping Mediahuis to increase their digital subscribers.

Data Science Business Partner, Mediahuis nv, Belgium

Conversion tactics: Product relaunch and the “1€ for 6 Months offer” at Germany’s Rheinische Post

In November 2022, while redesigning their digital platform, the Rheinische Post tested a new subscription offer inspired by The Boston Globe’s standard offer. At #DME23, Sophie Heinzen and Julia Morein will share the results of this experiment, including what they have implemented to get this new cohort of subscribers to stay with them at their normal subscription rates.

Director Customer Engagement & Lifecycle, RP Digital GmbH, Germany
Product Manager, Rheinische Post Mediengruppe, Germany

Coffee Break


Paid newsletter: The Mill in the UK converts digital subscribers to its local news offer.

The Mill is an innovative local news company which publishes long-form stories in Manchester. The model, which is based on paid subscriptions and delivered via email newsletters, has now spread to two more cities in England – the Liverpool Post and Sheffield Tribune. Launched in June 2020 through the newsletter platform Substack, The Mill and its sister newsletters have over 40k registered users and managed to convert 4000 to paid subscriptions.

Founder, The Mill, United Kingdom



Data as a Service (DaaS) - User data, business ethics and legal constraints, how to drive business and manage the impact on advertising and subscription activities

  • State of the art: Where are you today with your First Party Data Strategy
  • Monetization: How do you drive business with Data, how do you manage priorities between Reach, Paid & other revenues
  • How to create new standards in customer data relationship and how to deal with the external players
Management Consultant for Digital Transformation, Germany
Data Science Business Partner, Mediahuis nv, Belgium
CEO APA – Austria Press Agency
Chief Operating Officer, Global Media Unit, Ringier AG, Switzerland
Chief Data Officer, FUNKE Medien, Germany

Products and offers supporting digital subscription strategies

Amedia Group’s +Alt multi-subscription product is a rather unique bundle proposition. It has grown to over 100 titles, and the number of digital subscribers has almost doubled. But most importantly in this context, +Alt is now able to suggest the most relevant articles for each unique user from a pool of nearly 1000 articles published daily.

Another approach, but still linked to this close collaboration between the product and digital subscription teams, is that of the champion of all categories in terms of digital subscriptions, the New York Times and its sophisticated newsletter strategy. The NYT has been publishing newsletters for 20 years and currently publishes more than 50 newsletters on a wide range of topics, reaching nearly 15 million people each week. Some of these popular newsletters will remain free, but more and more are being created to meet the new needs and complement their subscription first/bundle strategy.
Senior Product Manager, The New York Times, USA
Head of Product, Amedia, Norway

Wrap up and conclusions

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