06 September 2022

Digital Security for Journalists

Registrations open!

The programme is designed to be simple and practical, allowing you to get familiar with applications and services to protect the information you store, send and receive, and share with others. It requires no technical background from participants. 

This session covers the following:

  1. Securing accounts and profile
  2. New tools and techniques on digital security
  3. More secure communications .
  4. Digital security hygiene and responsible security practices in the newsroom.
  5. How to use encryption to secure
    1. Your devices
    2. Your web browsing activity
    3. The files you share and store
    4. Your emails, calls and messages
    5. Your internet connection

Supported by


Vijayalakshmi Murali

Assistant Manager - Training & Special Projects

91 44 4211 2893


Chennai, South Asia

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