01 October 2021 - 31 January 2022

Digital Subscription Bootcamp, India 2021

The decline in advertising revenue amid high demand for trusted news and record levels of audience traffic has accelerated many news publishers’ plans to offer digital subscriptions as a more sustainable form of revenue to keep journalism alive. If you’re considering to roll out your first subscription or membership drive this year and could do with some help, apply for this year’s Digital Subscriptions Bootcamp, India 2021 offered by WAN-IFRA in partnership with the Facebook Journalism Project India.

Digital Subscriptions Bootcamp, India 2021 aims to equip and coach leaders tasked with quick-starting digital revenue activities with the tools to shortcut the time-to-market for paid content product development and to substantially increase the chances of success for those projects.

The programme combines webinar teaching and coaching, theory and practice, case studies from across the world, guest interview sessions and hands-on project work by participants. These projects will be framed to produce an actionable plan to deal with a go-live challenge at participants’ companies. Participating media companies will also receive a substantial grant for technology solutions or specific expert assistance.

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