22 November 2021

Digital Subscription Stories

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Pradeep Gairola

Vice President and Business Head - Digital, The Hindu Group

Pradeep Gairola is VP & Business Head for The Hindu Group . He has over 25 yrs of rich experience wherein he has been mostly associated with News and EdTech. Before joining The Hindu, he had worked on building subscription business for EdTech start-ups for about six years.

He started his digital journey in 1997, when internet was just making its presence felt in the world and Google was yet not launched, since then, he has worked with five startups, to learn the art and science of building businesses. His experiments with digital subscription, started in 2012, which was about one year after NY Times launched its digital subscriptions and when digital subscriptions were still in early stages of development, since then, he has been learning this evolving field, that is now widely being adopted by various industries including Publishing, FMCG, CD, Software, Fitness, Education, Apparel, Entertainment etc. His expertise lies in transforming legacy businesses to digital and in scaling up businesses

Vaibhav Khanna

Senior Product Manager, Bloomberg|Quint

Vaibhav Khanna leads product and subscription strategy at BloombergQuint. He is responsible for Growth & Retention for Digital Subscriptions, Product Roadmap, and strategic partnerships. He was previously working in the Analytics and Product team at The Quint.

Lakshmi Chaudhry

Founder, Splainer Media

Lakshmi Chaudhry is the founder of India’s Splainer, which she dubs Newsletter 2.0. Prior to this, Chaudhry forayed into journalism with Wired.com, co-founded Firstpost, before starting Broadsheet, a newsletter targeted primarily at women, in 2018.

Splainer came about in June 2020 as a response to the crowded, rapid-fire Internet news cycle that persists today, backed by a sound business model. It goes against the drone-like format of everyday news, with intelligent and empathetic content punctuated with humour.

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