• 26 October 2021 - 27 October 2021
  • Frankfurt
  • Germany

European Printers Summit

An exclusive, invitation-only gathering

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Roundtable Discussion Topics

The working language in the Summit will be English. However, 2-3 roundtable discussions will be in German.

Day 1

  • Printing plants – generating new revenue
    Several printing plants have been experimenting with innovative business models, creating semi commercial products, pooling print resources and so on. The participants will share their experiences on what worked and most importantly what didn’t work.
  • Newsprint matters
    Newsprint accounts for the bulk of the print costs. From the issues related to waste reduction, recycling, virgin fibre and its availability, to closure of mills, this round table will focus on newsprint related matters
  • AI in newspaper production
    At first glance it seems to be an anomaly to talk about Artificial Intelligence in the world of printed newspapers. However several newspapers are starting to use AI for tasks such as pagination, optimising production and managing distribution routes. This is an opportunity to listen and learn from some of the pioneers. Open to all those have an interest in applying AI in newspaper production
  • Cost saving measures that work
    When going gets tough, the tough gets going. In a pandemic environment, managing costs was a tough task that led to many innovative approaches. Learn from each other on what worked

Day 2

  • Retrofits and extending the life of press and mailroom equipment
    Many printing plants are looking at retrofits and how to extend the life of the capital intensive printing presses and mailroom equipment. This round table is for Plant managers to talk about what they are doing, what problems they faced and what was the result.
  • Talent acquisition and retention in a post pandemic world
    A topic that has come up frequently in the various discussions. How do you retain talent within the industry and hire the best people.
  • How can we optimize prepress?
    Are we using IT and Cloud services in prepress? Are your systems protected against cybercrimes? Is the workflow up to date? Do we have plate making performance up to speed? Smaller print runs call for more plates being made. What can we do in prepress to save costs on less ink and paper during printing? How long has it been since we updated our prepress software/hardware?


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