20 - 22 February 2023

General Print Quality in Newspapers

Print production workshop

Quality is the unique feature that puts the newspaper in the limelight and distinguishes it from other media that exist in digital medium. Achieving a better quality with the limited available resources is not an easy task, but is the key for any newspaper house.

This workshop focuses on improving general print quality of newspapers while helping the technical and print production team to learn on quality concepts and improving in the newspaper environment. The key learnings of the training are

  • The quality expectations from readers point of view.
  • What quality really means for newspapers.
  • Ten most frequent defects learned from the actual data’s and analysis of “International Color Quality ” and other projects conducted by WAN-IFRA
  • Ways to address quality defects and direction to improve them.

Training will be on 20, 21 and 22 February 2023 via online / Virtual.