25 April 2022 - 16 May 2022

Infographics - Visual Storytelling for Print & Digital

Sharpen your visual storytelling skills, learn new techniques and trends, step by step.

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This seminar will take place in online meetings through several days. It will discuss best practices from examples and experiences in some of the world’s top publications. The workshop will include a number of step by step examples and require active engagement from attendees.

We recommend that newsrooms send small teams to the workshop. Each team should have two to four people able to work closely. Each team should have at least one word editor and one visual editor. Examples of word editors are section editors, like international or local news, or a writer. Examples of visual editors are design editors, designers, infographic artists or photo editors.

Individuals who wish to attend on their own would have the chance to be paired with a team or could work alone, if they prefer.

In one of the exercises, attendees will be required to apply some of the lessons in their regular jobs and then bring them back to the workshop for discussion.


25 April, Session 1, 3.30 pm IST – 5.30 pm IST

How to tell stories with visuals, part 1:

Step by step examples and discussion. After going through a series of examples and discussions, we will propose an exercise that attendees will take back to do in their newsrooms and apply in their daily work, creating at least one visually driven story. (Independent journalists participating in the seminar will have the option of being paired with a group or creating a project on their own.)

2 May, Session 2, 3.30 pm IST – 5.00 pm IST:

The current best practice to create high quality visual journalism is to have designers, photo editors and illustrators thinking and behaving like journalists.

In this session we will discuss ways to make that happen.

9 May, Session 3, 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm IST:

How to promote your work in house and abroad.

Participants will share a portfolio of up to 10 pieces ahead of the session. The pieces could be sent as links or PDFs. Each portfolio will be shown to the entire group and the instructor will lead a constructive criticism and discussion.

16 May, Session 4, 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm IST:

How to tell stories with visuals part 2.

In this conclusion for the seminar, we will review the assignments discussed in session 1. Participants will show their results and learn from each other’s success and challenges.


Note: The agenda will be fine tuned further according to participants pre-workshop survey.


Vijayalakshmi Murali

Assistant Manager – Training & Special Projects