26 - 27 January 2023

Media Labs Days #6

Make new friends, find new inspiration and hear about new approaches to innovation!

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January 26 Thursday


Arrival, welcome coffee and networking


Hamburg: the city of content and tech

Paula Lauterbach, Communications Manager, nextMedia Hamburg, Germany

Christoph Hüning, Managing Partner, NMA Venture Capital, Germany

Berndt Röttger, Deputy Chief Editor, Hamburger Abendblatt, Germany

Sophia Boysen, Product and Project Manager, BotTalk, Germany


New labs from our community - case studies !

Alexandra Folwarski, Team Lead at the Media Innovation Lab, Wiener Zeitung, Austria

Joerg Pfeiffer, Product Manager at BR AI + Automation Lab, Bayerrische Rundfunk, Germany

Helge O. Svela, CEO, Media City Bergen, Norway 

Anne Dyrehauge, CEO, Media City Odense, Denmark 


Coffee break and networking


FOCUS: Web3 for News Media: definitions, opportunities, state of play ?

Introduction and definitions by Hans Brorsen, European Blockchain Center at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Raúl Jaramillo, Project Manager, Cogency, Spain

Violaine Degas, Chief Digital Officer, Pôle Les Echos & thématiques, chez Groupe Les Echos-Le Parisien, France 


Dinner at Krameramtsstuben

Krameramtsstuben, Krayenkamp 10, 20459 Hamburg, Germany

We will have dinner at the very typical Krameramtsstuben where they serve classic German food and beers !

More info: https://www.krameramtsstuben.de/en/home-en/ 



January 27 Friday


Arrival, welcome coffee and networking


OPENING DEBATE: the place for innovation in a media organization ?

“Maybe we can start killing the innovation team in 2023 and instead take responsibility for the future of this industry. At the very least, there’s a need for a different kind of strategic unit in media organizations — one that can go beyond mere innovation and towards actual change.”  Johannes Klingebiel, designer and researcher at the Media Lab Bayern in Germany

Full article here: https://www.niemanlab.org/2022/12/the-innovation-team-r-i-p/


Hendrik Lehmann, Head of the Tagesspiegel Innovation Lab, Germany

Lina Timm, CEO, Medien.Bayern, Germany

Joachim Dreykluft, Member of the board of management, NOZ Digital, Germany

Moderator: Kim Svendsen, Chief Marketing Officer, Stibo DX, Denmark



FOCUS: the latest in fact-checking

Nathalie Gallet, Journalist, MédiaLab de l’information, France TV, France

France TV and Norwegian initiative Faktisk partnering on mutualizing fact-checked images and videos.

Denis Teyssou, Head of MediaLab AFP, France

Vera.ai is a research and development project focusing on disinformation analysis and AI supported verification tools and services.



Promising Startups case studies:

Andy Taylor, CEO and Founder, Accordion, UK

‘Accordion’ is Bwlb’s breakthrough product that gives podcast listeners previously unseen levels of control and convenience.

Christopher Brennan, Chief Product Officer, Overtone.ai, Belgium

Overtone provides insight by using advances in natural language processing to look at the qualities of the text itself, rather than tertiary metrics such as clicks and shares.


CLOSING DISCUSSION: Large Language Models --- ChatGPT and its siblings

In the last years, researchers and businesses have developed more and more Large Language Models. Their abilities impress many, but, at the same time, many professionals worry about their impact. The talk will focus on generative models such as ChatGPT and sketch their inner workings.

Benjamin Kille, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Computer Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Followed by an open discussion.


End of Media Labs Days #6 !

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