01 February 2023

Data Science Meetup

Radio France's hybrid content recommendation engine to prevent the filter bubble

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Radio France’s hybrid content recommendation tool: algorithms to prevent filter bubble

French PBS Radio France is innovating with a new method of recommending its content, focusing as much on discovery as on performance. The algorithm, launched in November 2022, is based on a “hybrid recommendation”: a balance between algorithmic efficiency, the sensitivity of the editorial team’s decisions, and the public service mission, which commands respecting the discoverability of content without locking users into a filter bubble. Valentin Lecomte, Head of Data Analytics and Recommendation Product Manager at Radio France, will walk you through their algorithm’s design, what they achieved, and the next steps to consider to ensure the right balance between algorithm-based personalization and human decision.

WHEN: February 1, 2023, at 2 pm CET

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