05 July 2022

Short Form Video Sprint

Call for nominations closed

Date: 5 July 2022

Time: 10.00 am – 4.30 pm IST

Mode: In-person mode


Session 1:

Pick up your phones: Basics of mobile storytelling.

  • Introduction to mobile storytelling.
  • Examples of how other publications and creators are using mobile storytelling.

Session 2:

Understanding short form content and how to create it.

  • How to shoot a video from your phone (basics of sound, light and framing)
  • How to script for short stories
  • Understanding different piece to camera styles for short video
  • How to edit stories using your mobile phone

Group activity

Create your first reel with your group.

Session 3:

Expand your horizons aka formats for trending short form content.

  • Introduction to other formats – stories and live
  • AR filters and how to use them to create engaging short form content
  • Tips and tricks: Did you know about these features to create engaging short form stories?

Session 4:

Get, set, grow: how to grow online with short form videos

  • Learn how to optimise your profile and stand out
  • How to tailor your daily, weekly and episodic short video stories
  • Examples of growing and trendy formats for short videos

Group activity

Ideate and write your first short video show concept.

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Chennai, South Asia

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