11 - 13 October 2023
Frankfurt, Germany

World Printers Summit 2023

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Supplier meetings: How does it work?

  • Option 1: Pre-scheduled meetings

Your ticket to the event is free of charge if you commit to 5 pre-scheduled meetings with suppliers booked through our meeting matching system.

Five weeks before the event, you will receive a link to select the preferred suppliers you would like to have a meeting with. Kindly note that while you are required to have 5 meetings, you need to choose 8 suppliers. This does not mean that you will have 8 meetings, but we guarantee a minimum of 5, and try to allocate more if the schedule allows.

  • Option 2: Spontaneous on-site meetings

If you do not wish to commit to 5 pre-scheduled supplier meetings, you can use the various networking breaks to have ad-hoc meetings. However you will not be guaranteed a secured meeting with the suppliers. A registration fee of 490€ (WAN-IFRA Members) and 690€ (non-members) apply.

How long is every meeting?

Each pre-scheduled meeting is 20 minutes.

How are meetings allocated?

Both attendees and suppliers choose who they prefer to meet, the system will then match them and set up meetings based on mutual interest as first preference. If only one party requested to meet, the system will allocate this meeting as second preference.

I paid the full registration fee, but I’m sure I will meet 5 suppliers on site. Do I get a refund?

No, to be entitled for free registration, the 5 meetings need to be pre-scheduled through our system beforehand. Ad-hoc meetings on site are optional and will not contribute to free registration.

I selected 5 suppliers, but only got a fixed meeting diary with 4. Do I get charged for full registration?

No, as long as you select a minimum of 8 suppliers, the registration remains free. Suppliers might reach out to set up meetings with you after the meeting diaries are published, and you can also speak to the other suppliers on the day during the networking breaks.

I selected certain suppliers, but also got meetings with ones I did not select.

This is possible. The system matches parties with mutual interest first, then depending on availability. We will have various networking times available during the event where you can speak to the desired supplier who is not in your official meeting diary.

I cannot/do not want to attend all meetings provided in my meeting diary. Can I cancel any?

Yes, please cancel the concerning meeting on the meeting diary system. WAN-IFRA reserves the right to charge you for full registration if you have less than 5 meetings due to a cancellation from your side.

Can a supplier reach out to me to set a meeting?

Yes, if a supplier wants to meet an attendee who is not on their official meeting diary, they can reach out to individuals to set up additional meetings. As an attendee, you will receive an invitation email sent through the meeting matching system. You can accept or decline this invitation.

What happens if I don't select my preferences by the given deadline?

You will then be considered as a paying attendee and will be invoiced for the regular registration fee. If the invoice is not paid by the event starting date, you will not be allowed to participate.


Event Contacts

Ingi Olafsson

Director of World Printers Forum


Sumithra Hönig

Deputy Director, Global Sales


Joanne Busuttil

Event Manager, Global Events