WAN-IFRA Self-Check: An online QC tool for newspaper publications.

Newspaper printing has several international standards like ISO 1264-3, ISO 2846-2, DIN 19306-4, etc. These standards help to reduce deviation and increase consistency of print quality in the newspaper environment.

  • Are you uncertain about the color quality in your newspaper ?
  • Do you want to test whether your publication is printed as per international ISO standards?
  • Would you like to ensure that your print quality satisfies the needs of  “International Color Quality Club” ?
  • Do you want to convince advertising and printing customers of your high standard of printing quality?

To answer all these questions , we have a Self-Check QC tool, a self QC service/tool. This tool needs to be subscribed with a nominal annual subscription fee number of tests.


Self-Check for checking colour quality

The Self-Check is a free-of-charge online service that helps you to evaluate your color printing quality. You print the WAN-IFRA Cuboid target, measure your print samples with a spectrophotometer and enter your figures in an online form on the web site. Based on your spectral data, we calculate in an automated process whether (i.a.) the paper values, colour space and dot gain, color conformity and Grey balance are in line with ISO 12647-3 specifications. You receive a instant report with results (results are wholly dependent on your measuring instrument conditions and precision).






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