StarClub & Millennium club of Elite Printers

New members in to the Star Club and Millennium club are recognized in the World Printers summit every year.

Stars Accumulation: One is awarded to a unique publication of printing plant for each successful ICQC participation per competition year, independent of the number of successful entries (newspaper titles). Two Stars are awarded to a unique publication of printing plant for a successful WAN-IFRA’s  ISO 12647-3 CERTIFICATION  of a printing plant. A certification is valid for two years, after which it can be renewed.

Elite Star Club: is the list of a unique publication of printing plant, who gained at least 5 star in their life time, by accumulating stars through a successful membership in ICQC contest and also  getting a successful WAN-IFRA ISO 12647-3 Certification of a printing plant.

Millennium Star Club: is the list of a unique publication of printing plant, who gained at least 10 star in their life time.



Since 2020 edition of International Color Quality Club , also a new premium club “MILLENNIUM STARS” are honored for the unique publication of a printing plant who achieved 10+ stars in their life time. Below the are the most prestigious club winners of life time.



The Star Club has been inaugurated at IFRA exhibition in Hamburg in 2010. Membership is presented to a printing company in recognition of outstanding printing quality.

New Club Members 2020:

After the evaluation of the results of the International Color Quality Club 2020–2022 (ICQC) competition results for newspapers and magazines, eligible new members are joining the WAN-IFRA Star Club of elite printers.


Star Club Members – Lifetime:

A unique publication of a unique location who achieved 5 star in their life time , enters into the star club of elite printers. This list changes/adds up after every results of ICQC contest or in between if any company achieves a successful completion of ISO 12647-3 certification from WAN-IFRA.








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